Members are requested to follow our honor system at RHCC.  USTA rules will govern all play.
1.Rules of Etiquette and Conduct at the Courts
  1. Appropriate Tennis attire must be worn when playing tennis. No jeans, short shorts, cargo shorts, T shirts, tank tops or sleeveless shirts for men will be allowed on the courts.
  2. Tennis Shoes only.
  3. Please be considerate of fellow players and keep conversations to a low volume.
  4. Please turn cell phones to vibrate only and try to use them only in an emergency situation.
  5. After pro shop is closed, please sweep your court and turn off the lights after play
A.   Courts will be open for play from 8am till 10pm
B.   All Players must register in the pro shop or reader board outside the courts prior to playing tennis.
C.   Please be considerate of fellow members waiting to play.
        1.   Singles will be granted 1.5 hours for play.
        2.   Doubles will be granted 2 hours of play.
        3.   Guest
                       A.   Please register all guests in the pro shop prior to play.
                       B.   Guests are allowed to play only 3 times per month at RHCC.
                       C.   Current Guest Fees
                                   Weekday                                  $5
                                   Weekends and Holidays            $10