John F. Kennedy was President, ABC first broadcasted in color, gas was 32 cents per gallon.  The year was 1962 and Bill Adams, N.K. Dickerson, Ed Gaskins, Frank Griffin, Robert Helms, Charles Hunley, James Huntley, Ted Morgan, Hugh Murrill, Albert Orr Jr., James C. Plyler, Harold Shirley, James Spencer and Dr. Fred Wilson were the founding members of Rolling Hills Country Club.  

Rolling Hills CC Timeline:

1960: The Rowena Shute Farm on Roosevelt Blvd. was sold at auction at the courthouse and bid by the organizing group formed Rolling Hills Country Club. Shortly thereafter there was a land trade with Catawba Oil Co. involving frontage on Roosevelt Blvd. which "squared up" the frontage property line of both parties.

1961: George Cobb and Associates was engaged by the organizers to plan and design an 18 hole golf course.  George Cobb also designed Quail Hollow.

1961: Topo maps of the property was done, and construction on the first 9 holes of the golf course begun in October 1961.

1963: The original RHCC swimming pool was constructed. The "Little Red Pro Shop" was moved onto the property. It served as the Pro Shop and rest rooms for the pool.

1963: On September 28, 1963 the first round of golf was played at RHCC.

1966: The first Club Manager, Charles W. Hargette was employed.

1966: Construction begun in July on the clubhouse with the pro shop, lounge, lockers rooms, and kitchen operational and the remainder of the building "hulled in" only.  Food service began with Eulaya Tyson and Garnette Reclar as kitchen crew.

1969: Second 9 holes of the golf course constructed and four composition surface tennis courts constructed.

1978: First golf course cart paths constructed with dirt and gravel, later paved with asphalt.

1983: Major fire destroyed the eastern half of the clubhouse.  After the insurance settlement, new kitchen, JC Plyler Ballroom, Union Room, Founders Room, offices and lockers rooms constructed.

1992: Fairway dining room added.

1997: New swimming pool, dressing rooms and cabana constructed.

2012: Ballroom renovated

2014:  New clay tennis courts open

2016: Golf course Renovation.  Greens changed from Bentgrass to Tif Eagle Bermuda with new forward tees.  Clubhouse and pool house painted. 

2019: New carpet in Union, Founders, and Fairway rooms.  New dining tables and chairs.